Dr. Soumen Mandal
Principal Scientist
Dr. Soumen Mandal
Principal Scientist


Research Projects:

1. Development of induction melted additive manufacturing machine– Funded under SERB-IMPRINT Call. Total outlay- INR 60 million. Duration- 2023 to 2026. Role- Principal Investigator.

2. Development of hybrid (additive-subtractive) micro machine for Indian MSME Industries and Skill Development– Funded under CSIR-Fast Track Translation Project. Total outlay- INR 50 million.
Duration- 2022 to 2024. Role- Principal Investigator.

3. Intelligent pulse flow respiratory device using PPG and sEMG for optimal delivery of oxygen from oxygen concentrators in COVID19 dyspnea– Funded under SERB Special Call on oxygen concentrators. Total outlay- INR 12 million.
Duration- 2022. Role- Principal Investigator.

4. Field deployment of indigenous four axis controller for Multi process micro machine– Funded under CSIR-Fast Track Translation Project. Total outlay- INR 54 million. Technology developed and licensed- Multi Fab machine technology.
Duration- 2016 to 2018. Role- Principal Investigator.

5. Development of an intelligent micro- milling machine prototype– Funded by CSIR-12th FYP Network Project. Total outlay- INR 70 million. Duration- 2012 to 2017. Technology Developed- Intelligent micro machine controller employing
Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors. Role- Principal Investigator.

6. Development of a nano-EDM machine– Funded by CSIR-12th FYP Network Project. Total outlay- INR 110 million.
Duration- 2012-2017. Role- Co-Principal Investigator.

7. evelopment of process technology for large area (10 cm X 10 cm) manufacturing of micro nano patterned (300 nm-300 microns) hydrophobic surfaces– Funded under CSIR- Fast Track Translation Project. Total outlay- INR 31.3 million. Duration- 2018-2020. Role- Principal Investigator. The laser micro manufacturing center was developed under this project and the technology was licensed to two different organizations.

8. A low cost micro factory with magnetic levitation based actuation for micro machining– Funded under Department of Science and Technology- Advanced Manufacturing Technology call. Total outlay- INR 21.2 million. Duration- 2018-2020.
Role- Principal Investigator.

9. Inkjet printed electrodes of Graphene oxide- Metal oxide hierarchical nanostructured nanocomposites for improved energy density and power density thin flexible supercapacitors– Funded under Department of Science and Technology- Materials for Energy Storage call. Total outlay- INR 11 million. Duration- 2018-2020. Role- Co-Principal Investigator.

10. Disposable chip sensing electrode for electrochemical analysis of blood creatinine and urea in point of care settings– Funded under Department of Science and Technology. Total outlay: 31 million, Duration: 2018-2020. Role- Member.

My research is focused on the following thrust areas:

  1. Micro-Nano Scale Process Technologies and Biosensors.
  2. Micro-Nano systems and Devices
  3. Intelligent controller development.
  4. Additive Manufacturing.


The process technologies and micro machines are designed such that they could be applied to make micro-nano systems and devices. Few of the process technologies on which I work are micro turning, micro milling, micro EDM and laser micro machining. These includes precise controls and instrumentation strategies. Along with all these I work on development of micro-nano scale devices where flexible electronics and nanotechnology comes in. The focus is on development of some viable commercial product which focuses on indigenous technology development important for Indian market. As an application we develop various nano-biosensors that could aid the healthcare sector.
Technologies developed and licensed by my group:

Multi Fab micro machining center

The developed system is a micro machining platform for manufacturing miniature parts, patterns and surfaces in micro meter scale dimensions. The developed machine has an unprecedented accuracy of 1 micron and can machine over metals and polymers. The machine can conduct operations such as micro turning/ micro milling/ micro drilling/ micro patterning. The controller/ software is developed indigenously. The technology is licensed to M/S NHIT Durgapur and Manbhum Pvt. ITI Purulia West Bengal, India. The technology has immense industrial as well as societal applications. The technology aids the Indian MSME industries involved in surgical tool manufacturing, artificial jewelry manufacturing etc. Since the developed system is affordable the system aids Indian engineering colleges to install their own CNC facilities which are generally of high cost when imported.

Nano Laser micro nano scale laser machining center

This technology was focused on development of a laser micro manufacturing system which could generate patterned structures on surfaces ranging from 300 nm to 300 microns. These patterned surfaces have immense applications in hydrophobic surface generation, bacteria repellent surfaces etc. The technology was licensed to two different Indian industries namely M/S Nag Enterprise, Birbhum, West Bengal and M/S Tequity Ventures, Mumbai, Maharastra. The developed system was covered under various press releases.