Dr. Soumen Mandal
Principal Scientist
Dr. Soumen Mandal
Principal Scientist


The Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur, WB, India is the only organisation under Govt. of India conducting high quality research in various areas of Mechanical engineering.

The various instruments and facilities available at our laboratory are stated as under:

  1. Mikrotools DT-110: This is a micro-cutting machine which can perform operations such as milling, turning, drilling, EDM with a maximum precision of 100 microns.
  2. SARIX micro-EDM: A precise micro-EDM machine capable to machine micron sized features.
  3. CO2 laser cutting machine: Machine capable of making micro scale features on plastics and ceramics directly using CAD model in 2-D.
  4. NdYAG laser: A metal cutting laser to machine features in micro-scale.
  5. Fiber Bragg grating interrogator: NI-PXIe based FBG interrogator, which has applications in optical sensing.
  6. Nanosight Nanoparticle analyzer: Detects size and charge of nano-particles in solution. First machine in India.
  7. PARSTAT 4000 potentiostat: Used for cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic measurements and EIS.
  8. -80 deg C refrigerator: Thermo Scientific make.
  9. Mitutoyo Linear Height gauge: Used for measurement of heights in micron precision.
  10. Olympus BX and Leica DMI: Binocular microscopes.
  11. Probe and flat sonicators: QSonica and PCI analytics make.
  12. Oxygen plasma: Harrick Plasma makes used to coat oxygen plasma on glass before spin coating.
  13. Bioincubators: LabX and Biobase BJPX CO2 cell incubators.
  14. Millipore : Ulta pure water generation system.
  15. Microfluidic pump: HARVARD PHD 2000 make.
  16. Laminar Air flow cabinet: Biogene make.
  17. Centrifuge: Thermo Scientific RC 6+.
  18. Spin Coater: Spin NXG make.
  19. UV cabinets.
  20. PCB engravers for manufacturing printed circuit boards.